2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Full Suspension Lift Kit w/ Differential Drop & Sway Bar Extension 4WD 4x4

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Product Number: A6100



  • 2x Front Billet Lift Spacers
  • 2x Rear Lift Blocks
  • 2x Differential Drop Spacers
  • 2x Sway Bar Extender Bracket
  • 2x Front Skid Plate Spacers
  • 4x Premium Electrostatic Powder Coated U-Bolts
  • Installation instructions


Will NOT fit 5-Lug models.


2016+ Tacoma TRD models require upgraded Control Arms to accommodate the 3" Lift Spacer. Will not fit or work properly without the control arm upgrade. Only Lift up to 2.5" will work without the upgraded control arm.

An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle.

Toyota Tacoma Suspension Lift Kits increase ground clearance. The extra clearance for the Lifted Tacoma allows you to install larger tires to gain additional height for better visibility. Larger off-road tires help improve off-road performance. Supreme Suspensions® offers 2", 2.5", and 3" front and 1", 1.5", 2", and 3" rear Toyota Tacoma lift & leveling options to enhance the clearance, performance, and look of your Tacoma.

Toyota Tacoma Lift & Leveling Kits

Our Pro-Billet series full lifts for Toyota Tacoma are designed to accurately lift and level your truck for that more aggressive look over stock. The differential and skid plate drop kit is highly recommended for 4WD model trucks with independent front suspension. This kit will lower your front differential and skid plate to reduce the excess wear on CV joints and axles while adjusting the skid plate location preventing any damage to your trucks components. Also, included in this kit is the sway bar relocation bracket which helps solve handling issues by moving the mounting base of the bar down and back slightly. Just the right amount to correct the range of motion and keep your vehicle handling the way it should. Each front end component of this kit is machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, then an anodized coating is applied to protect from rusting. We complete this kit with our high grade hardware and extended OEM spec U-bolts keeping you’re parts safe and secure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great kit for my 2017 Tacoma, TRD Off Road

I have a 2017 Tacoma, TRD Off Road with 285/75-16 tires. I ordered the 2.5" front and 2" rear lift kit. The main kit components worked great. The lift is solid and looks good.

- Inexpensive
- same options with a competitor would cost over CA$440.00
- install was fairly easy
- The components seem solid
- Texh support is awesome

- Didn't come with enough flat washers
- the spacers for the front skid plate were not thick enough
- Needed spacers for the rear skid plate to clear the lowered diff
- Instructions were generic and went too deep for the front struts
- Needs a park brake cable bracket drop
- Wish I could post a pic in my review

All of the Cons were easy to remedy. If you get this kit you will probably have to trim the left skid plate bracket a little for the diff drop to clear. Here are modified instructions for the strut blocks. Assuming its on stands and the wheels are off.

- Remove sway bar link
- Remove lower strut bolt
- Remove lower A arm ball joint mount bolts
- loosen lower A arm and push down
- Support strut while removing 3 upper strut mount bolts
- Install spacer to spec
- Install strut
- Tighten upper mount bolts to spec
- Raise lower A arm and install lower strut bolt, finger tight
- Loosen upper A arm
- Install lower A arm ball joint mount, and tighten to spec
- Install sway bar link to spec
- Install wheel
- Do the same for opposite side
- lower vehicle and juice it to settle suspension
- Torque all loose bolts
- Get an alignment

Lift kit

Great lift. Drives like stock. Light trails and camping. Perfect more aggressive look. Definitely recommend for light trails and a lot of street driving.